The Counselor Series consists of four modules that will provide quality CTE professional development for school counselors. These modules will educate school counselors on the value and importance of CTE and career literacy.

School counselors play a pivotal role in providing guidance in college and career readiness for Arizona students. While there is a plethora of professional development available for college counseling, school counselors do not receive enough professional development in career counseling and career literacy.
Developed and offered via the Arizona Department of Education, the Counselor Series modules will be available beginning in the Fall of 2016. Three of the four modules are now available. Description of the modules and directions on how to register are listed below.

Modules Currently Offered

Module: Understanding the National Workforce Landscape and 21st Century Careers

The Educator will:
  • Learn about why we need to increase career literacy in Arizona

November 10 – December 19, 2016

Cost: $20
How to Participate:
  1. You will need to set up an ADE: Connect account before you can register. You will need to login at:
  2. Register online here:
  3. Click on Online Course tab.
  4.  Select the Arizona Career Ready module.
  5. Please understand the time commitments and requirements for each module before you sign-up:
    • The module is five weeks long, with 4-6 hours of work per week. There is a commitment of time and effort.
    • This module includes readings, discussions, and a development of an action plan.
  6. Space is limited to 25 participants for each module. (First come first served.)
  7. Participants are expected to complete all readings, discussions, and activities, including reporting back to your district and ADE about your learning and suggestions for future enhancements.
  8. You can earn 20 CEU’s for a “pass” score in completing all module assignments.
  9. If you need help contact:  Meg Hughart at or Kay Schreiber

Other Modules

Contact Kay Schreiber at if you are interested in participating in these additional modules.

Module: Engaging Students in Career and Post-Secondary Planning

The Educator will:
  • Explore the significance of school counselor involvement in supporting students with the career and post-secondary planning process through ECAPs;
  • Consider how to engage students academically by understanding the relevance of current coursework to future career pathways;
  • Identify strategies to increase the attention paid to career planning during discussions about high school coursework;
  • Understand the role career exploration plays in career development;
  • Explore mandates regarding ECAPS in other states;
  • Identify ways to increase buy-in of ECAPs on your campus

Module: Career and Technical Education for Career Readiness

The Educator will:
  • Learn about how to communicate and collaborate with CTE at your site;
  • Explore AZ Programs of Study (POS) and identify which are currently available on their campus;
  • Learn about evidence-based practice that will promote student enrollment in CTE Programs of Study;
  • Learn about how to communicate and collaborate with CTE at your site;
  • Learn about incorporating the Arizona Workplace Employability Skills into lesson planning and career guidance, and classroom activities