The Counselor Series is dedicated to educating school counselors in CTE.

The following organizations provide ongoing professional development on a variety of topics. Visit their websites for the most up to date information on class offerings.

The Arizona Department of Education hosts many opportunities for professional development during the year. There are four modules specifically about CTE. Visit the ADE website for more information.

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Arizona Career Ready Program Module

The Arizona Career Ready Program Module documents are currently being revised.

The American School Counselor Association (ASCA) is the national association for school counselors. They host regular webinars on a variety of topics plus host an annual conference in July. Visit the ASCA website for more information.

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Career/Roles of a School Counselor
This section of ASCA’s website contains a wealth of information on the roles of school counselors, how to become a school counselor, promoting your school counseling program, research on the effectiveness of school counseling and more.

Career Conversation Starters
The Career Conversations Starters provide a guide for working with students, parents and community members to address the ASCA Mindsets & Behaviors for Student Success: K-12 College- and Career-Readiness Standards for Every Student.

Position Statements
ASCA has officially adopted position statements on a variety of topics including Career and Technical Education, Career Development, Individual Planning for Postsecondary Preparation, and Student Postsecondary Recruitment.

Professional Development
ASCA offers a wide range of professional development opportunities including webinar series, ASCA U Specialist Trainings, Annual Conference, Site-Based Training, Coaching, and District Wide Training.

The Arizona School Counselors Association (AzSCA) is the state affiliation for ASCA.  The association offers different workshops plus has an annual conference in February. Visit the AzSCA website for more information.

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The Global Pathways Institute was created to find solutions to our national failure to prepare huge numbers of young people for success, including achieving economic success. Read about their work and their annual conference, Western Pathways Conference.

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