ACTEAZ’s nationally acclaimed Fellowship Program provides members a unique insight into the workings of ACTE, ACTEAZ, and all our affiliate organizations.

Those selected to become a Fellow will attend a variety of conferences and professional development events designed to increase their understanding of the policy making processes associated with career and technical education at the local, state, and national levels.
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Rick Scaife, Alumni Fellow

I have appreciated the opportunity to be involved with ACTEAZ as a Fellow for the past 3 years. It has allowed me to experience things I otherwise would not have been able to do. Attending conferences is always beneficial and being able to travel to Washington D.C. to meet with Representatives was enlightening, educational and eye opening. Through these experiences I have gained a greater understanding how funding for CTE works at the state and national level. The experiences have also allowed me to speak knowledgeably about Career and Technical Education Pathways and the importance of CTE programs for our students and the economy of our country. I will continue my growth as an educator and will soon serve on the ACTEAZ Board of Directors as a representative for Counselors. I look forward to continue advocating for CTE as often as possible.

Bernadette Russoniello, Current Fellow

An implant from academia into the world of Career Technical Education, I thought as a career educator I had a strong grasp on “reality” and the skills needed to best prepare our students for success beyond high school. CTE expanded my world view past blinders I didn’t even know existed!

The ACTE AZ Fellows programs plugged me into a community of learners and instructional leaders that vastly expanded my professional growth and network. I discovered the impact and significance of CTE beyond my experience within my program, I participate in the process of advocacy to continue support and funding for these valuable learning experiences, and in return I have gained valuable relationships and mentors to guide my personal and professional development.

For anyone striving to be a better teacher, leader, or ambassador for CTE, the Fellows program is the right place for you.

Tammy Bonner, Current Fellow

ACTEAZ Fellows program provides unique opportunities focused on enhancing teamwork, leadership, and advocacy skills. Being a part of this distinguished program has allowed me to gain experiences at both the state and national level to enhance my network and professional growth in each of these areas. This year a few of the experiences included attending the ACTE National Policy Seminar in Washington D.C. where our team advocated for CTE funding, presenting to new teachers at the ACTEAZ Summer Conference in Tucson, AZ, and attending ACTEAZ Board meetings where you are able to gain insight on the structure of the ACTEAZ Board and its affiliates as they collaboratively work to enhance CTE in Arizona and across the U.S.

Past and current Fellows provide invaluable support and guidance throughout the program. Through their mentorship any challenges I face are met with knowledge and confidence to help improve CTE in Arizona. I am grateful to be a part of the Fellows program and to add to its focus of enhancing teamwork, leadership, and advocacy for all of Arizona CTE.

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