Structured English Immersion (SEI)

The purpose of this course is to aid the teaching of Academic, Career and Technical Education for (CTE) 9-12 educators with structured English immersion professional development in the areas of: ELL Proficiency Standards, Assessment (ELL data analysis and application, formal and informal), SEI Foundations, Learning Experiences: SEI Strategies, and Parent/Home School Scaffolding. Participants will receive extensive professional development from well-defined curriculum that consists of thirty hours of information and discussion sessions accompanied with fifteen hours of practicum corresponding to the application and transfer of the professional development session topics. Numerous opportunities for interaction, peer collaboration in highly meaningful, engaging, relevant, and thought provoking learning environment will be the platform for this professional development experience.

Note:  Participants will receive forty-five clock hours of SEI content area professional development, and will satisfy the requirements for the Full SEI Endorsement for Arizona Teacher Certification. This is an ADE approved Professional Development Event.

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